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Server News (25 April 2015):
Ensured all servers were up to date again, so connecting should not be a problem!

Use the following settings for the game you wish to connect to server:

"Starbound" Server Beta Ver 'Glad Giraffe' Update 2
Client application can be obtained from Steam Distribution Service.

Client should connect tostarbound.xion-games.com

Minecraft Server 1.8.3
Client application can be obtained from Mojang's Minecraft Site.

Client should link tomc.xion-games.com:4475

Current Server settings:
Monster SpawningYes
Animal SpawningYes
NPC SpawningYes
Maximum Players20
Allow NetherYes
Generate StructuresYes

Ventrilo Server - Public Version 3.0.3
Client application can be obtained from Ventrilo Website.

Client should link tovent.xion-games.com
PasswordContact admin in-game for current password